A foot massage simply entails applying pressure to our feet, either manually or with mechanical aids (equipment such as a foot massager), in order to improve and maintain relaxation and good health

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It’s logical that some parts of our bodies are given more attention than others. We tend to pay more attention to our face, skin, and hair than to other parts of our bodies because we believe that those are the only portions of the body that attract attention. The feet, on the other hand, are not a portion we should overlook because they bear the majority of the body’s weight.

Now the question is, how do we take care of our feet? As a result, this piece will educate us on the issue of foot massage, as outlined below.

1. What is the definition of foot massage?
2. Massager for your feet
3. The type of foot massager to use
3. The advantages of foot massage


What exactly is a foot massage?

We all know what a body massage is, therefore we shouldn’t have a hard time figuring out what a foot massage is.

A foot massage simply entails applying pressure to our feet, either manually or with mechanical aids (equipment such as a foot massager), in order to improve and maintain relaxation and good health..

A professional foot massage from a reputable spa is a luxury, but a do-it-yourself self-massage or a simple rubdown of your feet can also help you relax and relieve pain.

Massager for your feet

A foot massager is a mechanical device designed solely to massage our feet in order to promote our health and aid relaxation.

Since so many people are too busy to go to a spa for a complete treatment, foot massagers have become the new home trend. Your feet will feel the sensation and receive the gentle touch they deserve with the help of a massager..

If you suffer from achy or aching feet on a regular basis, investing in an at-home foot massager can provide quick and effective relief. Most people would benefit from routine foot care even if they don’t have chronic pain: Walking on hard, flat surfaces for errands or commuting might decrease the range of motion of the foot over time

Type of feet massager

We have two different categories of feet massager which I will like to represent with manual and electronic.

The manual type of massager are the likes of using a acupressure mat in getting rids of foot pains and thereby aiding circulation. This seems to be the older ways of massaging our feet right from the start before the invention of the electronic massagers.

The second category are the electronic massagers. They are the new innovation that has been working perfectly in relieving pains and improving health.

Whether you’re stressed out from a long day at work with a great pain all around your legs and feet or you just feel like treating yourself to an at-home spa day, using an electric foot massager is the next best thing to seeing a professional.


feet massager



Recommended feet massager

The following are list of feet massager that has been used and approved by so many people all over the world.

1. Nekteck foot massager

This is one of the best foot massager so far with over 11,700 five-star reviews on Amazon

If you’re looking for a Shiatsu-style massage machine but don’t want to spend a lot of money, the NekTeck Foot Massager is the ideal option because it includes heat treatment as well as a strong kneading massage for less than half the price of other massagers. This machine cradles your feet from the bottom rather than entirely enveloping them. With a flat surface, it’s simple to move your feet around as needed to target the aching areas.

The machine’s height may also be changed for your comfort, and it can be turned on and off with your toes, just like so many other massagers..

The NekTeck fits a wide range of foot sizes thanks to its flat panel design, and it’s also a rather versatile device, which means it can be used on practically any part of the body. Try putting it beneath aching calves or thighs for some relief..

The kneading massage only has one mode and intensity, but users that are sensitive can wrap their feet in socks or a towel to soften or reduce the sensations. The one major downside to this device is that it only makes contact with the soles of your feet. If your ankles are a particularly painful spot, the NekTeck may not be able to help you much.

2. RENPHO foot massager

When talking about the best massager in town, RENPHO foot massager is the best.

When it comes to the best foot massager for the money, the RENPHO Foot Massager Machine has it all: kneading, compression, and heat treatment, and the intensity level of each can be adjusted to fit your needs.

There’s no remote to keep track of, and the on-device control panel is wide and spaced out so you can either reach down and make a selection or easily press with your toes. With a removable, washable fabric lining cupping your feet, it’s easy to keep clean and sanitary.

Many people report the RENPHO feels more like a human touch and less mechanical than comparable products. Because it envelops your entire foot, it also offers more attention to heels and ankles important for tight tendons.

There are three different settings each for kneading and air compression intensity, creating a very personalized experience. There’s also a warming setting to help loosen tight muscles and keep your feet cozy.

It takes a bit for the heat to come on (up to 10 minutes), but this is a fire-prevention function. It’s designed to fit up to a men’s size 12 foot. Those with little feet will notice that the gadget is a little more spacious, but you can play around with alternative foot locations.

Fit king leg and air massager

Compression is a long time method used as a key treatment for almost everything from sports-related inflammation to total-body swelling from activities like long term standing or air travel. Sometimes, it simply looks like wrapping the limb in an ace bandage.

But air compression devices like this massager “can help squeeze the swelling back up to the heart or lymphatic system, which then helps relieve the symptoms associated with edema, or swelling.

Fit king is considered the best of all compression massager with over 10,000 positive reviews.

Beret Loncar, is a NYC-based massage therapist that specializes in massage for medical problems
He says a device like the FIT KING can minimize muscle contraction and potentially help move lymphatic fluid through the body, thereby reducing swelling by rhythmically applying small amounts of pressure. This kind of gentle pressure has been demonstrated to help with pain and swelling symptoms caused by fibromyalgia.

With this, if your leg swelling is something related to a medical condition, diagnosed or not, you should consult with a doctor before buying this or any other medical device. Compression isn’t right for all swelling.

The FIT KING comes with a remote control to adjust between two modes, sequence mode, in which pressure moves up and down the foot and leg, and circulation mode, wherein the pressure is applied everywhere at the same time — and three levels of intensity. It automatically shuts off after 20 minutes.





Many advantages have been mentioned throughout this article, but the following are the advantages of owning a foot massager.

1. Improves Circulation

A daily routine of 10-minute foot massage done with an electronic massagers can help improve blood circulation throughout the body and lessen the workload of circulation on the heart, keeping it strong and healthy.

2. Improves performance.

For athlete who depends so much on their legs and feet, Massaging the foot helps stretch muscle fibers, which promotes muscle flexibility and increased range of motion. When the foot functions properly, an athlete can perform more efficiently.

3. Improves concentration:

anxiety, depression, insomnia, and hormonal imbalances are some of tbe reasons why concentration may be suffering.
Reducing tension in the muscles of your feet will reduce the muscular contracting of blood vessels in your feet, which will promote the circulation of oxygenated blood to the brain, and therefore improve concentration.

When the muscles in your feet have less tension, you experience less pain, you are more relaxed and sleep better, which in turn helps you concentrate more effectively. Massaging your feet also releases endorphins, like serotonin and dopamine, two “feel-good” hormones that not only reduce depression and anxiety but also improve our memory and ability to learn.

4. Reduces aches and pains.

By stimulating competing nerve fibers with the sensation of pleasure to overcome the transmission of pain messages to and from the brain, messaging your feet can assist interfere with pain signals to our brain.

5. Reduces stress and tension.

Massage reduces stress not only through increasing the production of “feel good” chemicals, as described above, but also by lowering cortisol levels, also known as the “stress hormone,” which can have negative health consequences such as weight gain, depression, and anxiety, to name a few.

foot massage

Getting a massager isn’t as costly as it may appear. You can acquire a massager that will function properly for $50. However, if you suspect your discomfort or ache is medical, you should consult a doctor before using a massager.

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